Scottish Research Links

Scottish Research

Covering whole of Scotland

Scotfamtree : a friendly and very helpful forum, where members are always willing to help with those brickwalls.

Scotlands People : a pay per view site where you can search and download copies of BMD's, Census, Wills and Parish Records.

Scots Origins : free IGI and Scottish place name search, along with articles on Scottish history.

Scots Family : List of old occupations, photographs, maps and much more.

FreeCEN Scotland : A site (part of FreeCEN UK) with access to some Scottish census data for free. Is constantly getting added to so always worth checking back.


Old Newhaven : A site with lots of information about Newhaven, a fishing village that is now part of Edinburgh. Names, photos, history and lots more.

Leith Shipyards : Information and photos about Henry Robb Shipyards.

The Old Leither : Personal stories and memories about life in Leith.

EdinPhoto : A not to be missed site if you are looking for old photos of Edinburgh.